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Talking to your Vet

Our pets, especially dogs, are an integral and important part of our families. As with any illness, it's always recommended that you speak with your Veterinarian. Additionally you should consult with your Vet if your dog is on any medications that supposed to suppress the immune function or has an autoimmune disease, as I'm-Yunity® is formulated to support a healthy immune function.

Vet Referral

Receive a 5% discount** on your I'm-Yunity® for Dogs order, when referred by a veterinarian and free domestic shipping on next orders. Please have your Vet complete and sign the form below.

Online Form PDF Form

Tel: 866-932-9993 during our business hours

**5% Discount applicable on 1st order and excludes shipping and tax, when applicable. Free domestic shipping coupon will be provided to you after receipt of vet referral form.