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What is the proper dosage for my dog?

The dosage that was reported to work best to prolong the lifespan of dogs suffering from hemangiosarcoma in the UPenn study was 100/mg per kilogram (kg) of bodyweight per day. (Link to full , or to download a pdf copy of the study Click Here). Please note this was a pilot study and the next study will provide more definitive results.

How do I give him/her I’m-Yunity®?

The animals in Dr. Brown’s study did not have problems swallowing the capsules directly (and afterward the empty capsules maybe spitted out), but you can also mix the powder from the capsules with wet dog food. Make sure your animal drink plenty of water.

What kind of reactions should I expect?

I’m- Yunity® is made from the Coriolus versicolor mushroom with active ingredient PSP (polysaccharide peptide), which is a safe herb that has been well documented in the Compendium of Materia Medica (link to to enhance immune functions in both humans and animals. In addition to the findings from the UPenn study, people who have used this product reported that their pets appeared more active, better appetite and shinier fur.

Are there any learned interactions with drugs or herbs?

We have a study that looks at potential drug interactions of drugs that are metabolized on the P450 enzyme pathway in humans. The link to the abstract on Medline is If you need the full report please email us. Some chemo drugs fall into this category. This study demonstrated that I’m –Yunity® is not likely to have any drug interaction with drugs metabolized on this pathway. If you use any of the chemo drugs mentioned below that are metabolized on this pathway, chances are you have a better safety profile using concomitantly. As this study was done in human, it is difficult to say if the results would be the same in dogs without repeating a drug interaction study. However, in animal toxicity studies yunzhi was considered safe in doses up to 18g/kg in acute toxicity test1 and 6g/kg in subchronic toxicity test2.

1. Tocicological research on Yun Zhi polysaccharopeptide (PSP) Jin T Y (1999) Toxicological research on Yun Zhi polyschaccharopeptide (PSP). In: Yan, Q. T. International Symposium on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Cancer: Development and Clinical Validation—Advances Research in PSP. Hong Kong Associtaion for Health Care Ltd. pp. 76-9.

2. Jiang XZ, Huang LM, Wang MM (1999) Subchronic toxicity test of polysaccharopeptide of Yunzhi (PSP). In: Yan, Q. T. International Symposium on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Cancer: Development and Clinical Validation—Advance Research in PSP. Hong Kong Association for Health Care Ltd. pp. 272-84.

How soon should I see any result?

I’m- Yunity® is a herbal supplement based on Chinese medicine principles. In general, the benefits of the product can be seen within 7-14 days of using the product. In animals this is largely down to the owner observing their pet’s behavior changes. If you see signs of improved appetite, energy level, and quality of sleep, they can be due to enhanced immune function and contributed from the use of I’m-Yunity® .

Are there any side effects?

There have been no reported side effects from using this product. However, we recommend you should consult with your veterinary if he/she is on medications that suppress immune function or has an autoimmune disease, since the product is designed to support healthy immune function. If it is known to have a mushroom allergy then this product may not be right.

How long should I keep him/her on the product?

How long to give I’m-Yunity® to your pet is really up to you and depends on the benefits you receive from using the product. You can stay the product as an immune supplement similar to a vitamin. I’m-Yunity® supports general immune health and can be taken by healthy beings for long-term benefits.

How can I buy the product more economically?

Our product is a premier product and many things go into creating and sourcing this quality product. Each batch is manufactured in cGMP facility and complies with heavy metal, microbial and pesticide testing requirements for each country it is imported to. In addition, we support continued research into this product and other Chinese Medicine products so that consumers can be assured of product efficacy and safety. One way to reduce the average per capsule cost of the product is to buy the value size bottle of 500 capsules.

What is the difference between I’m-Yunity® and other mushroom products?

Our company sources the proprietary extract from the inventor exclusively and supported mushroom research for over 20 years. Our product is well researched in independent institutions such as The University of Pennsylvania, New York Medical College, University of San Francisco and Shanghai Medical University.
We are also following up the UPenn study with a larger scale study to make sure the pilot results are repeatable with I’m-Yunity® and there is direct benefit from Chinese medicine herbal products. We value quality research and want to help people better understand about the products you choose to use.

What is the amount of PSP in I’m-Yunity®?

The product comes in 400mg capsules. Each capsule contains 38% or more of Polysaccharide content and 11.5% or more of Peptide content.

Can I’m-Yunity® be used in cats or animals other than dogs?

Currently, I’m-Yunity® has only been evaluated for safety and efficacy in dogs. Animal species other than dogs may react differently to this product and we cannot guarantee its safety and efficacy in all animal species. If there is not a medical reason why your animal cannot have a mushroom extract then the product would be considered reasonable to try for immune supplementation. We recommend discussing the use of this product in any animal other than a dog with your veterinarian prior to use.