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How effective is I'm-Yunity®?

I’m-Yunity ® helps to maintain optimal immune functions restores healthy appetite and promote active energy levels as well as restores shiny, healthy coat in your dog.*

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How can I'm-Yunity® help my dog live a full life?

We all want to keep our beloved pets with us for as long as possible and to ease any suffering they might endure, especially with illness and cancer. As our dogs get older, the percentage chance of their developing cancer greatly increases. Optimum immune health is important to your pets longevity and disease prevention. I’m-Yunity ® can maintain optimal immune health throught your pets life.


How does I'm-Yunity® compare to other leading mushroom supplements?

I’m-Yunity ® sources all extracts from the developer exclusively and is grown in our own facilities. Nothing is bought from wholesalers or third parties. Our product is made from the Coriolus Veriscolor Yunzi mushroom and has the highest PSP levels available in any comparable product. Additionally, I’m-Yunity ® key ingredient is Polysaccharide Peptide or Polysaccharopeptide otherwise known as PSP. Other supplements may contain some PSP; however, I’m-Yunity ® contains the highest level of PSP with 38% or greater of Polysaccharide and 11.5% or greater of peptide. Furthermore, not all PSP sources are equal. Our product is from the coriolus versicolor mushroom, specifically from the cov-1 strain. It is isolated from the mycelium of the mushroom and not the fruiting body as is the case with other brands. It is manufactured with to FDA heavy metal, pesticide and microbial safety standards.

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Testimonials - Our four-legged patients

The following testimonials show that by choosing I’m-Yunity®, you can bring back your dogs energy, vitality and good appetite, while maintaining optimal immune function which is essential for cancer prevention. The feedbacks I’m-Yunity® received from its customers give us confidence in pursuing our mission in fighting the diseases

and prolonging the time that pets and their owners can happily spend together.


“We are using I’m-Yunity® to treat hemangiosarcoma. Hope is also on chemo. She has done well and its tolerating the I’m-Yunity® well.”
-- Theresa from Ashland


“My dog Yogi has hemangiosarcoma. Yogi has so much increased vitality!! He has not been this playful in over two years. His eyes are bright and clear and his appetite is amazing.”
-- Penny from Fishskill, New York

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Active Ingredients

Polysaccharide Peptide, or PSP. Each 400mg capsule contains not less than 38% Polysaccharide and 11.5% Peptide, the highest available.

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Clinical Studies

I’m-Yunity ® utilizes the proprietary extract from the Yunzhi, Coriolus Versicolor, aka Turkey Tail mushroom and has over twenty years of research. I’m-Yunity ® has been independently studied by numerous institutions. It has been shown as a supplement to maintain optimal immune health, good energy levels and general overall fitness. Having healthy immune function is important for cancer prevention. Clinical studies have also shown that when used in conjunction with the traditional treatment methods such as chemotherapy, the dog's appetite improves, energy levels and good sleep patterns are restored. Additionally the coat appearance becomes shiny, thus improving the dog's overall wellness.